Career Objectives

I am looking for opportunities in Auckland, New Zealand, or full-time remote from any location. I am interested in roles that will help me continue to develop in the following areas:

  • Mixed Reality Technologies – AR and VR offer us amazing new opportunities for visualisation and education. I want to continue exploring how we can take advantage of these mediums.
  • Scientific Software – I have experience in molecular biology and bioinformatics, with special interests in genetics, evolution, and the structures of biomolecules. I would like to keep developing software that enables scientific research.
  • User Experience and Accessibility – Much of my career has involved making brilliant but dense academic software more user-friendly. I want to keep building intuitive software with a focus on accessibility.
  • Education and Communication – I am passionate about science and a great communicator. As a Masters student I was runner-up in the University of Auckland 3-Minute Thesis competition, and used Hands-on DNA for outreach at schools and MOTAT. I would like to continue bolstering education and interest in science.